Designing Flourishing Lives

You want to thrive. To accomplish your dreams. To make a meaningful life, and to do it with people you love. To get where you want to go, you need the right systems in your life. The right habits, the right processes, the right infrastructure. I can help you build all of these so that you can pursue the life you really want.

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I love to help others design their lives so that they flourish in life, in relationships, and in work. I would love the opportunity to help you experience more freedom, enjoy deeper relationships, and make a greater impact in this world.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Listening Skills
  • Habit Formation
  • Productivity
  • Spiritual Formation

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The Benefits of Working With Me

Integrative Approach

I provide a unique integrated approach to life design through my training in a wide variety of disciplines. I am a trained spiritual director, certified habits coach, theologian, and engineer. I have taught in both volunteer and adjunct capacities. I also have experience in productivity and time management, project management, and improvisational theater. I utilize all of these experiences to create the most effective solutions for your life. Solutions that change your thinking, your emotions, and your behavior, all at once.

Targeted Solutions

My speciality is finding specific solutions to your issues. I will take the time to listen to you deeply, to learn about your situation and your desires. I will seek to understand the various dynamics at play in your life. And then, once I have a good idea of the big picture, I will hone in on the key leverage points in your life that, if changed, will result in big benefits for you.

Simple to Do

Every solution that you get from me will be simple to do. The reality is that you already have a full life with many commitments, so the last thing you need is a huge, complex process to add to your life. Rather, my approach is to target those tiny areas in your life that will make a big impact. And then, I will provide you with the exact steps to make that targeted change in your life.

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