What’s more important than right behavior?

As I wrote last week, I’m not doing New Year’s resolutions because I refuse to be carried away by neurotic, guilt-ridden behavioral commitments because I see my brokenness. Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that I’m doing nothing, as if every time I see something wrong with me, I just say “Whatever!”.

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On the contrary! What I’m actually committing to is a certain way of being with God. Instead of committing to a way of being that says, “Whenever I see my brokenness, I need to clean it up by myself quickly so that God stays happy with me,” I’m committing to a way of being that says, “I’m trusting that God offers me acceptance and forgiveness in Christ and that I can simply be with Him as I am.”

It’s worth sitting down and asking God to show you how you are with Him. Here’s some questions worth pondering in prayer, along with sub-questions for each:

  1. Lord, how am I with You?
    • Lord, to what extent do I truly believe that if I’ve chosen to follow Jesus, I’m fully forgiven and accepted by You, and I will experience no condemnation from You at all?
    • Lord, how often to I run to You as the first person from whom I seek guidance or advice?
    • Lord, how emotionally safe do I think You are?
    • Lord, how likely am I to do whatever You tell me to do without hesitation?
    • Lord, how much do I enjoy You?
  2. Lord, how do I want to be with You?
    • Lord, what do I truly think about You?
    • Lord, how much control do I want over my life?
    • Lord, how much do I trust You?
  3. Lord, how do You want me to be with you?
    • What does the Bible teach me about how You want me to be? What do I think about what it says? How much am I willing to commit to being like that?
  4. Lord, how are You with me?
    • What does the Bible teach me about how You are? How is that the same or different from how I perceive You?

Start with any of these questions, and see where your conversation with God goes!

How are you with God? How do you want to be with Him?

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