Spiritual Direction

Are you wanting to grow in your prayer life and in your relationship with God?

Are you going through a transition in life and wanting to seek God’s guidance?

Are you looking for help in understanding what is happening in your spiritual life?

Do you feel stuck in your relationship with God?

If you say yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider spiritual direction.

What is spiritual direction?

A simple summary of spiritual direction is this: one person (the spiritual director) helps another (the directee) grow in his or her relationship with God. It is a ministry of discernment, listening to you, the directee, and to the Holy Spirit. As a spiritual director, my role is to help you see how the Holy Spirit is working in your life and how you are responding to Him.

For a comprehensive description of spiritual direction, please see the definition on the Evangelical Spiritual Director’s Association website.

A typical spiritual direction session lasts one hour. The session is confidential, and it is a safe space for you to share from anything in your life. Direction sessions typically take place on a monthly basis.

Spiritual direction may also be done in groups. There, the whole group works to discern the Holy Spirit’s work as a single person shares. Group direction can be very powerful, as you experience God speaking into your life through your fellow believers in the group. A typical group direction session lasts one-and-a-half to two hours.

What is my background as a spiritual director?

I have been giving spiritual direction to individuals and groups since 2009. I have given direction to both men and women of a variety of ages in both church and academic settings.

I received my spiritual director’s training as part of my Masters of Divinity program at Biola University’s Institute for Spiritual Formation, part of the Talbot School of Theology.

I am a member of both Spiritual Directors International (SDI) and the Evangelical Spiritual Director’s Association (ESDA). You may view my ESDA profile page here. I subscribe to ESDA’s doctrinal statement and code of ethics.

What do I provide?

I provide spiritual direction for both individuals and groups. My rate for individuals is $50 per session. My rater for groups is $30 per person per session. However, I do have a sliding scale if you desire direction but have more limited finances.

I also provide training on the basic skills of spiritual direction. Please e-mail me directly if you are interested in this.

Currently, I give all of my spiritual direction in person. I am happy to refer you to another spiritual director if that would better suit your needs.

Contact me

If you would like to receive spiritual direction from me, please click here to e-mail me.

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