Do you want to design or revamp a class to better capture students’ interests, help them retain the material better, and give them skills for putting their learnings into practice?

Are you wondering how to make your talks or sermons connect more deeply with the hearts of your audience? To give them concrete ways to put your teachings into practice?

Are you looking at one of your existing programs or systems and wondering how effective it really is? Whether all the pieces are working together as they ought to impact the people in the ways you desire?

Are you wondering what you could be teaching your people to help them grow in a certain area of their lives?

If you’re asking questions like these, I would love to help you. I offer consulting services for individuals or groups in areas such as:

  • Making your Biblical teachings connect with the hearts of your audience
  • Designing relevant, practical exercises around core truths and helping people put them into practice.
  • Designing classes for active learning and direct relevance to real-world situations.
  • Helping you determine and develop the best content to present to your audience in accordance with your goals
  • Helping you evaluate the effectiveness of your current programs and systems

Regardless of the topic, my overall goal is for you or your organization to experience God more fully and to have a plan for how you can cooperate with Him for maximum flourishing.

I want you to come away from a consulting relationship with me with:

  • Understandable, relevant, and practical recommendations for your situation
  • A sense of confidence from having a concrete plan of action
  • Feeling more excitement and freedom in pursuing your organization’s goals
  • New skills (or greater ability in existing skills) that enable you to pursue your goals more effectively
  • A better understanding of how God transforms people’s hearts and what our role is in that process

My qualifications and experience include:

  • Graduate-level course design and teaching
  • Past member of a church preaching team, which included both preaching and the development of a preaching calendar
  • Providing spiritual direction to individuals and groups since 2009, which gives me experience in connecting with people’s hearts, discerning the Holy Spirit’s work, and designing spiritual exercises (See my page on spiritual direction for more information)
  • Training in an experientially-based spiritual formation program and in a teaching seminar that emphasized active learning
  • In church settings, I have taught both adults and young children, so I have developed skills in helping both audiences understand, internalize, and live out the truth.

If you want to explore how I can help you in one of those areas, please click here to e-mail me.

If you would like me to develop content for you or your group, please visit my Curriculum Writing page for more information.

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