What MUST you do?

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You just have to do something. It won’t let you go. You feel compelled to do it, and you only feel fully satisfied when you’ve worked on it.

 That’s mission in its broadest sense. That sense of “I MUST do this.” That’s what your life is about.
Photo by the girl who runs the world. Used in accordance with Creative Commons.

Photo by the girl who runs the world. Used in accordance with Creative Commons.

Joshua’s mission was to lead God’s people into the Promised Land. He heard that command straight from God. This became the focus of his life.

For us, as it was for Joshua, God’s mission is related to His promises. The purpose of our lives and of our days is in some way connected to helping others experience God’s promises.

The problem for us as busy people is that many other tasks crowd our radar screens and scream “Do me now!” As such, it’s easy for us to think that what we must do is what’s right in front of us. In other words, my mission is to manage the urgent or the most visible. We may not say this consciously, but our behavior makes this evident.

The danger is that we may get so caught up in doing what’s placed before us that we start running on auto-pilot and losing that connection to God, to that inner voice telling us what we truly MUST do. Instead of attending to God’s voice, we attend to whatever urgent need screams the loudest.

So how do we listen for God’s voice when our lives are so full of tasks to do and people to attend to? How do we discern what we truly ought to do versus what must be set aside no matter how urgent it seems?

Here are some exercises for you to practice living “on mission”:

  • Every morning, wake up and tell God, “I want to do what You want.” Say it regardless of how you actually feel. Then talk to God about how you actually feel.
  • Set an alarm to go off at some point during the day. When it does, just ask, “God, what should I be about right now?” And then listen for His response. If you get nothing, then perhaps it’s left up to you to choose. You could even do this multiple times per day, but I suggest starting with one and building up from there once you feel comfortable.
  • Go through your Bible and find a verse that describes something God has promised. Start contemplating it, asking, “God, what’s my part in helping people experience this?” For suggestions on how to let the verse enter into your heart, here’s some links:

Next time: fear and courage.

Question: What do you believe you MUST do?

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