Are you ready for an adventure?

Where are adventure and risk to be found in your life?

Photo by Frontierofficial. Used in accordance with Creative Commons.

Photo by Frontierofficial. Used in accordance with Creative Commons.

Perhaps those words don’t resonate with you. You’re focused on trying to get on top of all the work piling up on your desk. Or you’re just trying to take care of your children and the affairs of your home. Over this next series of posts, I hope to connect the themes of adventure and risk to our experience, the experience of the busy person.

Recently I was listening to the book of Joshua during my morning commute, and I was struck by the repeated call for Joshua to “be strong and courageous.” I was particularly struck by how this was commanded to Joshua right before he was to lead Israel’s army to conquer the Promised Land.

There’s Joshua, standing on the precipice of realizing God’s promise of land. There he is, perhaps fully aware of how the people bailed out on him 40 years ago. There he stood, remembering how they feared the giants in the land, despite God’s promise to give it to them. There he waited, being only one of two people alive who remembered the initial approach to the Promised Land those 40 years ago, and being fully aware of the cost of disobedience. There he stood, a battle-tested warrior, fully understanding the risks of warfare.

There’s so much packed into these four verses. Mission. Risk. Fear. Courage. Obedience. God.

These verses resonated with me so much because I feel like I’m standing on the edge of something significant God has for me. I have no idea what it will look like or what it will take for me to realize it. But I’m sure it’s an adventure God prepared for me in advance, and it sure feels risky. So in that, I resonate with Joshua.

Over the next four blog posts, I’ll explore the elements of this passage in turn, in this order:

Part 2: Mission

Part 3: Fear

Part 4: Courage

Part 5: Obedience

Part 6: God’s presence

But for now, I’ll pause, like Joshua. Pause to contemplate that God has indeed prepared something for me to do with my life. Pause to consider the risks and the fear involved. Pause and sit in the faith-stretching opportunity that lies before me.

Question: What risky adventure has God placed before you?

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