When you feel unable to think

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Unable to think…. When I started writing this post, I had a clear impression that my task is not to fix your issues or offer solutions. My task is to point you to God. Left to my own devices, I would have attempted to offer solutions instead, to give you ways or tips to help you carve out space in your schedule so you can think. That’s what I would have wanted for myself. But that is not my role.

Man that can't think!

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So instead, I offer you this set of assorted thoughts:

  1. It’s hard to think while you’re under attack. This means that when you feel unable to think, it’s worth considering whether you’re encountering spiritual warfare. I’m sure that at some level, Satan would love to keep your mind so occupied that you can’t think straight. And if you can’t think straight, you certainly can’t think straight about God.
  2. We are lovers before we are thinkers. That means that our hearts are drawn to things even if we’re not thinking about them. This can be bad, such as when our hearts are drawn away from God without us even being aware of it. But it can also be good. When our hearts are in love with God, we are drawn to Him even if we aren’t consciously thinking about it.
  3. When I asked the Lord what I should write, this is what I received. I pass it on to you: “I (the Lord) love you. I love you even if you can’t think straight. I love you even if you make errors or choose poorly because you weren’t thinking. My desires for you and your family are not thwarted because you weren’t thinking well. Let me think for you.”

I close with a prayer: Lord, be with us. We desire to think well and clearly, both for our own sake and for the sake of those around us. Many of us have placed a high premium on being able to think, so when we do not have that ability, we feel uncomfortable. Lost. Perhaps even panicked. Helpless. Frustrated. Ineffective. Useless. Like we’re continually screwing things up and making bad choices. Like we’re out of control. Lord, I give to You the many and varied emotions we feel. Please immerse us in Your love. Please guide us even when we can’t think clearly enough to see what’s ahead. I pray especially for stay-at-home parents and others whose lives and circumstances are such that even getting a moment to stop and think feels impossible. May you provide extra grace to them, allowing them to take comfort in Your compassionate, helpful, and sustaining presence with them in the middle of their incredibly trying circumstances. May they in particular know what kind of power You supply in the middle of this particular weakness of ours. In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Question: What’s at stake for you in being able to think or think well?

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  • Susan Johnson

    Perfect post for my day, Andrew! Where was my brain today? Did I leave it at home in my bed? It felt that way — all day. Thank you for a great reminder of God’s love for me, brain-dead or not!