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Welcome to my website! I offer a variety of services to help you and your church or organization connect with God in accessible and practical ways. Please check out the various areas of my site to see how I might help you.

This site also contains my personal blog. I write primarily on the topic of spiritual formation – how God transforms us into the people we were intended to be. I also write on productivity, time management, and teaching. My goal is to make spiritual formation accessible and practical. To this end, I write in everyday language – no technical jargon – and try to provide specific and concrete ways for you to put the principles of spiritual growth into action.  I hope by this to both assist you with your personal transformation and providing training and resources to aid in your efforts to help others.

I currently post on an occasional basis. See my latest announcement for why I’m not posting regularly.

Who I Am

I’m lots of things. Let me explain.

I’m a follower of Jesus. That’s probably the most important thing you need to know about me.

I’m a husband and a dad.

I’m the Online Program Administrator for the Institute for Spiritual Formation at the Talbot School of Theology. I create online graduate-level programs and curriculum in spiritual formation and I research the intersection of spiritual formation and technology. I love my job because it puts together two major areas of my life: spiritual formation and technology. Only God could work it out that way!

I’m a theologian. I have degrees in spiritual formation and New Testament studies. I’ve written a well-received Master’s thesis and have done professional theological papers and presentations.

I’m a designer and a tinkerer, primarily with myself and secondarily with the world around me. I evaluate my activities, habits, and behaviors regularly. I’m constantly tweaking what I do so that I experience more of God or relate better to myself, others, and the world. And regularly wonder about how things in the world and whether they could be changed to work better. I was a software engineer for a major technology company for several years, but then I decided that I was more interested in working with people than with code or silicon. So I took all of my design skills and translated them over to spiritual formation and teaching.

I’m a thinker. Or a muser. Or a wonderer. Or a ponderer. Whatever the term is, I’m always wondering about something. Usually it’s about things that lie behind the surface. Maybe it’s “How does that water fountain pump system work?” Maybe it’s “What’s driving that person to act that way?” Maybe it’s “How many passive imperatives are in the New Testament and what do they all mean?” As you can tell, I muse about a lot of things.

I’m a teacher. Not in a formally employed way. But I have this sense that I’ll always be teaching something to somebody somewhere. I like explaining things, especially in everyday language. I much prefer that to technical terminology. And I like helping people experience what they’ve learned or connect what they’ve learned to their experience. Most of all, I love when I can contribute to someone having an “Aha!” moment.

I’m a spiritual director. I help people discern and experience the work of God in their lives. This means that I listen a lot – one ear to another person, and one ear to God.

I’m a logistics guy. I like planning and designing things. I suppose even my pastimes fit into that. Outdoorsing, cooking, and board games are things I enjoy, and I find that I enjoy them because I get to plan things for or with other people. I love things like taking newer hikers out somewhere, knowing that they can enjoy themselves because I’ve helped do the trip and contingency planning. I love cooking for large groups of people. The larger the group, the more fun it is because I get a rush seeing if I can get all of the dishes ready to go all at the same time. And board games – well, they’re just plain fun.

My Contact Information

You can reach me via e-mail.

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My headshot was taken by my good friend Alister Scott Uy of InJOYing You Photography. He’s as professional as it gets, and I would recommend him without hesitation.

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