There are two realities in life I believe many of us experience:

1) We desire to lead fulfilling lives. We want our days to be filled with joy. We want our souls to be at peace instead of anxious or worried. We want our activities to be laden with purpose and meaning. We want to experience everlasting love, a love that overwhelms our failings and flaws and frees us to become who we were meant to be.

2) We are incredibly busy people. We have jobs that seem to demand increasingly more of us. We desire to raise our children well, which requires lots of time and attention. Or maybe we just have lots of little children under our care! We want to maintain our relationships with family and friends. There’s always one more task to do, one more problem that needs solving, one more broken fixture that needs repair, one more e-mail to answer, one more meal to prepare.

How do we fulfill our desires for joy, peace, purpose, and love amidst the realities of our busy lives?

I want to help you answer that question, not just adequately, but confidently! How will I do that?

  • I want to provide you with simple knowledge of what vibrant spiritual living entails. You can grasp this knowledge in a way that fits with how you currently think and act.
  • I want to give you not only theoretical knowledge, but skills so that you can put your knowledge into action right away.
  • I want to help you find skills specific to you. Ones that fit your particular life stage, time available, desires, and interests. You will walk away from a session with me and be able to plug that skill into your life right now.
  • I want to give you opportunities to practice those skills with me so that you know how to use them before you are off on your own. You will be coached on how to put your skills into practice rather than being left to figure it out on your own.
  • I want to give you follow-up materials to guide you as you continue using your new skills on your own.

This is the same process I use in my own life. Knowledge coupled with concrete action practiced over time. I have grown tremendously through my own experience of the love of God and all the blessings He gives, and I have learned much about myself that enables me to better orient my life toward Him so that I might experience peace, joy, and freedom even more greatly. I’ve also learned a lot about the kinds of practices that help us orient our lives to God and follow Jesus closely, as well as what it takes to makes those practices into consistent habits. I want to share with you from all that I’ve learned and received.

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May you experience ever-increasing joy, love, and fulfillment as you follow Jesus.

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